Photojournalism is Forever Political Art

Through out American history there have been devastating events across the nation, and with these events the government took the initiative to hire photographers and have them document the situation to hold on record. Events such as the Great American Dust Bowl with the Farm Security Administration, the Vietnam war, the Occupy movement in new York. Photography has this wonderful ability to capture a moment and hold it in history forever. First Phase Digital  p095


These last two photographs were some of the most famous images from the 60’s. The image on the bottom left is by Eddie Adams and the one on the right is by Marc Riboud. These gentlemen used their cameras as weapons of media to help publicize what was really going on. The wars had gone too far and the people were tired of it. Starting with the Vietnam war, the government decided that having cameras documenting these events was a bad thing and generals were given the right to destroy film and cameras because they didn’t want photographers exposing things to the public before they were done with their missions. The public didn’t like what was going on and tried to spot them every time they were in the process of war. This is truly political art that makes the people not want top partake with the countries decisions and as a democracy can deny the government the ability to do.


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